About Us

Pishgam Energy khavar Co(Pek) has established in 2007. Pek Co as a    knowledge-based company is located at Khorasan science and technology park.  This company designs and manufactures safety shut off valve, regulator  and actuator based on the latest knowledge of the day and according to national Iranian gas company standards(NIGS) that it refers to API,ASME,ASTM,AWS satandards

It's been several years that our products have used byNational Iranian GAS Company  (NIGC) andNIGC ᾿contractors in iran

Pishgam Energy Khavar Cowith useing university specialists,continues research and development of design process and manufacture of safety shut off Valve,regulator and actuator.

Partner companies 

Iranin Gas Transmission company
Gas Company of  Khuzestan Province,Iran
Gas Company of Fars Province, Iran
Gas Company of Gilan Province, Iran
Gas Company of East AzarbaijanProvince, Iran
Shiraz mechanics company,Iran
Gas Souzan company,Iran
And the other companies
Our products also( shut off valve) have used inMarv,Turkmenistan 


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